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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Gerber Gator Serrated 26in Machete w/ Nylon Sheath

Featured in The Walking Dead TV series, the Gerber Fine & Serrated Edge Gator Machete w/ Sheath - 26in 31-000758 is the perfect way to make sure you are protected from the ever growing zombie threat. This Apocalypse Survival Tool manufactured by the expert zombie researchers at Gerber has a 15 inch fine edge blade and an 18 inch performance saw blade that allows you to take down the undead with a two pronged attack. Forged of a high carbon stainless steel material, the blade on the Gerber Gator Machete has been designed to stop the undead dead in their tracks. This Gerber Apocalypse Survival Knife has a tactile rubber gator grip grants you the ability to comfortably take down walkers.

Designed to ensure your loved ones safety in post-outbreak conditions, the Gerber Gator Fine Edge and Serrated Stainless Steel Machete, will keep you family out of harms way.


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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Taurus Model 66 .357 MAG revolver video

Taurus Model 66 .357 MAG. revolver

Model: 66SS4
Finish: Matte Stainless Steel
Status: Available
Caliber: .357 MAG
Grips: Rubber
Capacity: 7
Weight: 38 oz
Rate of Twist: 1:16.5"
Barrel Length: 4"
Height: 5.68"
Frame: Medium
Width: 1.496"
Action: DA/SA
Front Sight: Fixed
Length: 10-1/2"
Grooves: 6
Safety: Transfer Bar
Trigger Type: Smooth
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Grooves Turn: Right

These revolvers are a longtime favorite of security personnel and perfect for Homeland Defense Forces. With a choice of .38 Special +P (Model 82) or .357 Magnum (Model 65), this medium frame, 6-shot revolver features comfortable rubber grips and a deep, lustrous finish. With fixed sights and a custom Single Action/Double Action trigger for improved accuracy and speed, the 65 and 82 are the perfect partners for whatever trouble lurks around the corner. For even more firepower, the Model 66 steps up to the plate with an impressive 7 rounds of .357 Magnum.

Taurus Model 66 .357 MAG. MAG magnum revolver pistol handgun gun firearm 66SS4 65 finish matte stainless steel caliber rubber grip grips capacity 7 round rounds shot shots weight 38 oz barrel length 4 4" medium frame double action single action fixed front sight safety transfer bar smooth trigger type adjustable rear sight .38 Special p+ 6 shot shots fire firepower great awesome cool tacticool tactical