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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Test shooting CMMG .22lr semi-automatic conversion kit - 5.56 1:7 barrel

CMMG .22lr semi-automatic conversion kit 1:7 5.56 NATO barrel (Model 1) Rock River Arms (RRA) lower Ammo: Winchester 36 grain (333 rounds bulk) Distance : Maybe 20-25 yards Just quick shots, I had no time to do a serious accuracy test. But there is always a next time. :-)

RRA rockriverarms rock river arms lower receiver AR 15 AR-15 AR15 black firearm second 2nd amendment tactical carabine moldel model sales upper A2 CMMG .22lr semi-automatic semiauto semi-auto conversion kit CMMG 26rd 22lr long rifle magazine standard bolt carrier group AR-15 instruction convert converting caliber 223 .223 5.56 556 tacticool tactical prepper prepping target shooting shoot shots aim aimed sport 20" 1/7 1:7 model 1 barrel

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shooting the .357 Magnum revolver (+slow motion)

Test shooting my .357 Mag revolver. :-)

shot shooting test testing testshooting range fire fireing Taurus Model 66 .357 MAG. MAG magnum revolver pistol handgun gun firearm 66SS4 65 finish matte stainless steel caliber rubber grip grips capacity round rounds shot shots weight 38 oz barrel lenght medium frame double action single fixed front sight safety transfer bar smooth trigger type adjustable rear .38 Special p+ fire firepower nice great awesome cool tacticool tactical not airsoft paintball weapon slow motion slowmo

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

AK-74 rapid fire (+ slow motion)

I know, my tacticool level is below average, but I'm working on it. lol I was just testshooting the AK. No target, just rapid fire.

ak ak74 ak-74 kalasnikov klashnikov kalasnyikov rifle semiauto semi-auto rapid fire shot shoot test testshooting testing shooting gun range firearm Koraynovich Arms fun slow slowmotion slowmo 5.45 545 39 ammo silver bear silverbear ammo ammunition round rounds tacticool funny

Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to install AR-15 CMMG .22lr Conversion Kit

CMMG .22lr semi-automatic conversion kit with CMMG full body 26rd .22lr magazine. This exceptional kit is a drop in replacement for your standard AR15 bolt and bolt carrier group. Simply pull out your bolt and carrier group, drop in this conversion kit and magazine and away you go!

This Drop-in .22 LR conversion kit comes fully assembled and ready to install in any semi-auto AR-15 to help you practice your shooting skills with affordable .22 LR rimfire ammunition. This conversion kit will pay for itself after firing approximately 750 rounds of .22LR in place of your normal 223 rounds.

This will enhance your shooting skill with cheaper practice saving close to $.25/round fired! Simply remove your bolt carrier group and insert the conversion bolt and feed the .22 LR rounds with the included CMMG .22 LR Magazine. This conversion takes less than a minute with no permanent alterations to your firearm. It can quickly and easily be returned to its original caliber. 

Note: This kit is designed for Right-Handed AR-15's only. This kit comes with one 26 round magazine included.

how to install CMMG .22lr semi-automatic semiauto semi-auto conversion kit CMMG full body 26rd 22lr long rifle magazine replacement standard AR AR15 bolt and bolt carrier group AR-15 instruction change changing convert converting caliber 223 .223 5.56 556 assembly disassembly tacticool tactical prepper prepping